Android phones are cool, the customizability options that they provide are great, in addition to several other features. However, when my friends and family ask me for advice concerning which phone to buy, I always suggest an Apple phone- iPhone.

There are several reasons why I favor the iPhone over Android phones. From the compatibility of Multiple Apple devices to strong user support, breathtaking photos and minimalistic design, there is a lot more that iPhone has to offer. Let us take a brief overview of each reason an iPhone is the number one phone.

A camera to die for

When you own an iPhone, there is no need to purchase a DSLR. This is because the iPhone’s camera quality is almost equal to, if not better than a DSLR camera. When compared to Android phones, the iPhone camera still triumphs.

Apple’s custom signal processor ensures that photos taken from an iPhone are of high resolution, sharp and realistic. Although some Android phones like Samsung are also trying to catch up with the iPhone camera quality, it is still far behind. All the more reasons I shall stick with an iPhone.

Very easy to use

My two and a half year old niece can unlock my iPhone and take a picture. Thanks to Apple, reading and understanding lengthy user manuals is unnecessary. While with Android phones, we really begin to enjoy its features once we have mastered how to operate the phone, and does it come instantly? Unfortunately, no- it takes time.

You’ll have to put up with nasty overlays and lack of app drawers with Android phones.

Apple has also introduced new enhancements over the years such as Siri and the News app which make the experience of using an iPhone even more pleasant.

App store

Both Apple and Android have got hundreds and thousands of apps so we may assume that the app store is not a point of competition between the two anymore. However, you are in for a surprise, Apple store is the first stop destination for all the big apps. Many apps first launch in the Apple store before moving to the Google Play store.

Popular apps like Instagram, Meerkat and Periscope fist ran on the iOS app store before deciding to launch on Google Play Store.

Bloatware free

If you are a keen observer, you will notice that most of the guides and news pieces on many tech websites are somehow related to methods on how to eliminate bloatware from Android phones. Some major Android phone manufacturing companies like Samsung have found a way to reduce bloatware by directing it all into one folder, but nevertheless, it still takes up space unnecessarily on your phone. iPhone on the other hand does not come with any kind of bloatware.

Integrates with Macs effortlessly

In case you were not aware, you can send and receive text messages, make phone calls and perform other tasks with your MacBook if your iPhone is within a reasonable range. All this is supported by the OS X continuity feature.

In addition to that, the iCloud feature enables one to sync between iDevices effortlessly and have access to photos, notes etc. on all synced devices simultaneously.

The Apple pay feature

Apple Pay is one of the best mobile payment features available although it has plenty of competition from other mobile payment services. Furthermore, It is also easy to use. You only have to ensure that your iPhone is in close proximity with a payment counter and then simply make payments with a few taps on your phone.

Apple customer care and support

There is a vast difference between Android and Apple customer care support. When you face an issue with your iPhone, all you can do to resolve it is by referring to Apple’s online forums, live chat, or directly visit an Apple store within your area. With Android on the other hand, you have to go through a lot in order to have your query addressed.

Although Android phones also have great customer support, they can seldom beat the Apple customer care service.

The iPhone’s button hole

Apple has a trademark button hole for all its iPhone models which quickens the navigation pace. On the other hand, Android shows dependency on navigational buttons which are a headache in certain instances such as where apps hang up.

Another setback with Android phones is that some models like the Nexus 5 lack finger print sensors on the front of the screen, this means that locking and unlocking the phone takes an unnecessarily long time.

So when we compare Apple and Android phones, we come to the conclusion that Apple iPhones have much more to offer. From the best cameras, to flawless hardware and software support to numerous other aesthetically pleasing factors, Apple has always impressed us.

Your turn

Now that I have narrated to you in detail my preference of an Apple over an Android phone, I’d like to hear from you too, which phone do you prefer and why?

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