Smartwatches are the latest and hottest electronic devices to capture the interest of technology-savvy consumers. These stylish new mobile devices are quite functional e.g. you can manage your phone calls, track how many steps you’ve taken or how fast your heart is beating, gain access to the apps on your phone, and more. What’s more, now you can even play fun, albeit simple, games on these nifty little innovations.

From the moment that the first mobile devices hit the mainstream, they have proven themselves to be quite lucrative for their manufacturers and the developers that come up with our favourite apps like Angry Birds and Crossy Road. This success has led to more technological advances, primarily wearable tech like the infamous smartwatches. And now, it seems that the gaming industry has taken a keen interest in these devices as well.

To test the waters, so to speak, developers began crafting a variety of games that can be played on an even smaller screen than the ones found on smartphones and tablets. Still, although this is exciting news, it is important to curb your enthusiasm – as of right now, titles with high-quality graphics like the Call of Duty series aren’t expected to make their debut on these devices anytime soon.

Still, this hasn’t stopped everyone from delving headfirst into the world of smartwatches. For instance, the operators of Royal Vegas mobile casino are interested in making gaming as conveniently possible and as such are jumping on the smartwatch bandwagon. I think Hawaiian treasure slot game with a bit of work from the developers could end up being great on the Apple Watch. This reputable gambling site is powered by Microgaming software, the go-to online casino software developers for guaranteed great graphics, secure transactions, and reliable payouts. In addition, Royal Vegas offers its site visitors a large variety of games to pick from, over 600 to be more precise. Some of these include but are not limited to poker, keno, baccarat, blackjack, and slots.

As of right, there are already several titles available for play on the smartwatch, two popular titles are Trivia Crack and Letter Zap. Based on the success of these games, it seems that simple offerings like these are best when making the transition from smartphones to smartwatches.

When smartphones first came on the market, it took over a year for gaming apps to become popular with users so, it’s expected that the smartwatches will follow a similar trajectory. One thing’s for sure – only time will paint a picture of the exact capabilities (and limits) of this new technology. But, if the brands are able to adapt to smartwatches, the same way that they did with smartphones, it’s possible that these little devices will surprise us all with their usefulness and their entertainment value.

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