Trivia Crack gets revamped with an update for watchOS 2 for the Apple Watch, which provides new features and improvements. Now, you can play Trivia Crack any time you like, without ever taking your iPhone out of your pocket and challenge your friends right from your wrist.
After taking the world by storm and hooking over 175 million users, Trivia Crack was the game chosen by Apple for its new line of wearables, the most personal device in the history of the American company.

You can now challenge your friends to a game of Trivia Crack from your Apple Watch, without taking your iPhone out of your pocket or even carrying it with you. Let the animated characters guide you to defeat your opponents, as you answer millions of questions sent by users worldwide.

The Apple Watch gets renewed, and Trivia Crack gets a revamp along with it, with a more immersive game experience and new features:

· Play Trivia Crack from you watchOS 2 at any time, without the need to have your iPhone nearby

· Check your ongoing games from the Apple Watch screen

· Enjoy a more immersive experience: you can now enable sounds or feel the vibrations when you get game notifications

· Create new games directly from your Apple Watch and challenge friends at any time

How to play Trivia Crack on the Apple Watch?

Users will be able to start games of Trivia Crack against their friends from the Apple Watch. Questions will pop up on the screen of the watch, and users will be able to answer them on the watch itself, without the need to take the phone out of their pockets, or play remotely, without having to carry the iPhone around. Once the opponent answers and the turn goes back to them, the watch will send a notification and will give them the chance to continue the game on it. Trivia Crack comes with an animated interface, with fun characters.

Trivia Crack is available for all three models: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition.

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