Having always enjoyed battle games that demand strategy, Invasion was always going to be a thrill. What you will particularly like about Invasion is the fight. It’s a case of scrap or be scrapped. The idea behind Kevin Yang’s battle simulator is to become the number one military unit. It makes very good use of 3D graphics, real time battles and fights.

You will enjoy the vast range of features on Invasion from the moment you train your army to do battle for territory with all your gains and losses mapped out on a 3D graphic chart of the world. You will have to have your wits about you, and use different tactics to confuse your enemy (using the same old tactics quickly gets you found out by your enemies).

Another feature the game can endure is attacking and conquering of monuments, which HAS to be done with your allies in tow. Real time battle changes – just as a real military battle on the ground would. Invasion takes this into consideration; it’s not just about getting used to how to win (in other words, how to conquer and gain territorial advantage), it’s about how to adapt to the constant changes. The thing is, you never do – so playing Invasion is kind of like a game that keeps you on your toes all the time, every time.

The game itself is not all fighting, scrapping and shooting them up, it’s also about building a military empire, making friends who will help you out when fighting against your enemies and building up your armies by training them to use a number of elite weapons.

It is set in the near future, 2020 to be exact when governments and capital cities have disintegrated into chaos, rioting and war zones. It’s a chaotic time and rival factions are all competing for dominance, so you will need to rule the skies, the sea and the land.

There is as much strategy in the game as there is battle. In one feature you can unlock strong and technologically-advanced military units by doing some research. If you are successful in your researching, expect to have one hell of an elite force at your disposal.

You will have several weapons and devices of war on your side: tanks, gun boats and mighty cannons. You will truly have quite an arsenal of stuff to help you dominate your enemies in such of time of death and destruction.

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