The Apple Watch has officially arrived on the commercial market as of 24th of April this year and this is by far one of the most well-constructed and ambitious smartwatches that has ever been created. Apple has reportedly sold more than 7 million of these “James Bond type gadgets”. This device comes in two sizes; 38mm or 42mm, and it is squares shaped with round edges. The resolution for each of the models are 390 x 312 pixels and 340 x 272 pixels respectively. With already over 3,000 apps that can be used with the Apple Watch, this could easily rise to over 100,000 very quickly.

The concierge service of Siri can be used to find places on a map, check the calendar, or to dictate messages, and it is forecasted to be able to reply to emails soon when software updates will be released. You will also find notifications such as SMS, phone calls, emails, Facebook and Twitter. For sports fanatics, they will most probably appreciate the heart rate monitors which seems to be the latest trend for all wearable devices. And as you may have guessed, fitness tracking is the most enormous part of the Apple Watch where it has endless functions.

The screen of the Apple Watch might be small, but we are sure that enterprising game-makers and online casinos won’t be stopped from figuring out how to make games for it. Games are a quite agile medium which has the ability to squeeze in anywhere. The Apple Watch has all the features required to be the next gaming console; a screen that could be interacted with is enough to be a gaming device for the future. So far games have played a limited role in smartwatches such as the Apple Watch. However, considering a large number of active users of this wearable device, it would not be a surprise if mobile casinos such as, start venturing into the quest to bring your favourite online hitman slots games to this tiny device, where you will be able to enjoy your favourite casino games while being on the go.

In the near future, maybe voice commands or taps on the screen of the Apple Watch could be used to spin the reels of slot games. Game developers who have the required skills and experience will most probably come up with ways to make the Apple Watch more innovative and fun with casino games. Perhaps the future of smartwatch gaming may be achieved by following the same approach that game developers have used to bring console game on smartphones with limited screen space. As most wearable devices have low precision controls, maybe the best alternative would be to find other simple means of an interface to interact with these devices.

It may seem to be challenging to bring a whole online casino on a device which has a screen which is less than 4 centimetres in length, however, we will prefer to stay optimistic about future gaming development on the Apple Watch. After all, who would have imagined a few decades ago that one day you would be having a whole casino platform such as Magical Vegas on mobile devices, but now it’s a reality. So we can only expect some positive progress in the development of casino games for Apple Watch in the future!

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