iOS 9 is currently still in a Beta stage and won’t be released to the public until the autumn. But you can get your hands on it today for free.

Apple has released the beta version of iOS 9 and over the next few months they will be making touches to get it out to the public. iOS 9 got a host of new features, which includes an improved maps app that features public transport maps and nearby highlights, a new smart assistant that suggests apps, activities and news articles. iPad users get the feature most have been waiting for, side-by-side multitasking allowing them to carry out two tasks at once.

How to upgrade to iOS 9 for free:

It’s important to understand that beta versions of software can be temperamental, buggy and have more glitches than you might be use to. With that said, many people who have tried iOS 9 reports that they are surprised by it’s stability.

Firstly, back-up your iPhone or iPad, it is important you do so. Visit and click the blue “sign up” button. You will then be asked for your Apple ID, be sure to use the same ID you use on the device you will be installing the iOS 9 software on. Accept the terms and conditions. Using your iPhone or iPad visit using safari, sign in. Then scroll down to ‘step two’ on the iOS section and tap on the ‘download profile’ button

You will then be redirected to your device’s, where you will see the ‘install’ button, tap that. you will then be asked to enter your device’s pin and accept the terms and conditions. Restart your device, once it’s restarted, head to the, tap on ‘general’ then ‘software update’. Press the ‘update’ button to get the process going. Once that’s complete, your device will restart with the new iOS 9 operating system installed.

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