One of the most unique features belonging to the Apple Watch is the ability to run full-featured apps such as Maps. However, understanding how to use this feature can be a little difficult. But don’t worry; we have created a simple guide that will show you how to use the navigation feature on your Apple Watch.

Using Siri to Navigate to a Location:

If you need to navigate somewhere using your Apple Watch, simply activate Sirir and say “Get [driving or walking] directions to [insert desired destination]. The Apple Watch has the ability to give either driving or walking directions.

After you have requested directions via Siri, the Apple Watch will automatically open the Maps application. Once the Maps app has been opened, Siri will locate your destination. Once the fastest route has been located, a Start button will appear. Touching this button will begin your navigation to the requested destination.

Using the Maps App to Search for a Location:

Another way to use the watch’s navigation feature is to search for a location via the Maps app. All you have to do is launch the Maps app on your Apple Watch and follow these instructions:

  • Force-touch on the main interface of the map.
  • Tap the “Search” function.
  • Touch Favorites or Dictation, or select any location from the “Recent” option. Once you have selected or entered your location, navigation will begin automatically.

Once you have navigated to location, that location is automatically added to your “Recent” list. This feature will allow for the user to easily re-navigate to a location already visited.

While using the Apple Watch navigation feature, the watch will make a ticking sound to remind you of upcoming turn-based actions.

Whenever navigation is in process, your Apple Watch will display the current directions if you raise your wrist. This view will show a large picture of your upcoming action. If you wish to see a map instead, this can be done easily by swiping to the left of the display.

Apple Watch Taptic Engine Cues:

  • A constant string of 12 taps signifies an upcoming right-turn at the intersection you are approaching
  • Three pairs of two taps signifies an upcoming left-turn
  • You will feel a slight vibration when you are on the first leg and the last leg of your trip

Although learning how to use the navigation feature on your Apple Watch may seem to be difficult, once you understand the basics, it isn’t very hard. If you have any familiarity with an iPhone’s map feature, you won’t have any issues using the navigation application.

The Apple Watch has only recently launched, and it is gaining more popularity every day. The navigation feature is only one of the many unique benefits to owning an Apple Watch. When you consider the health benefits, convenient modes, and stylish look, the Apple Watch has proven itself to be the best smartwatch on the market. If you haven’t already, be sure to order your copy of Apple’s latest invention today.

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