With the recent launch of the Apple Watch, many experts believe we have entered a new technological era. However, many critics are quite skeptical of Apple’s latest invention. But before you come to a conclusion, let’s take a look at the Apple Watch’s top 13 fantastic features.

  • The watch allows the user to receive and send calls. Users can even receive and send text messages. This is due to the communication applications integrated within the watch itself.
  • The watch also has built-in Wi-Fi. This feature allows for easy internet access.
  • A walkie-talkie feature allows users to dispatch voice messages to other users.
  • The Apple Watch is capable of monitoring heartbeats. This is done through a heart rate sensor which is built into the watch.
  • The watch has a built-in system that allows the watch to count steps, calculate the overall calories burnt, and even give an overview of the overall body activity.
  • A workout application is also included with the watch. This application allows users to set goals and monitor health data.
  • The watch includes individual features for watching TV, listening to music, and video watching.
  • The watch also includes a built-in GPS. This feature allows users to access geographical directions through a map application.
  • The Apple Watch even includes a virtual wallet. This feature allows the user to pay for products using the watch itself, which interacts with the shopping system in order to pay.
  • An animated application is also included. This feature allows users to customize images and send them to other users.
  • The watch includes a smart automatic display. In other words, a user can just cover the screen with their hand to ignore a call they accidentally picked up.
  • For any developers interested in creating applications for the Apple Watch, you can use the WatchKit application to help you develop apps.
  • Finally, the Apple Watch has a built-in vibration feature. This means when the user receives a notification, the watch will vibrate. This feature ensures the user never misses a call, text, or any other notice.

Many iOS App developers have shown interest in creating apps for the Apple Watch. And recently, that interest has spiked. Apple’s mobile landscape is continuing to grow every day. Furthermore, many developers are showing interest in working with Apple’s latest invention.

As time goes on, the popularity of the Apple Watch is expected to grow. Experts believe Apple will sale nearly 15.4 million watches before the end of 2015, giving the company 54.4 percent of the smartwatch market.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, had this to say about the recent launch of the Apple Watch, “I’m thrilled with it. So I don’t want you to read anything I’m saying any other way other than that…I feel really great about it. The customer response literally from what I’ve seen is 100 percent positive, and so it’s hard to imagine it being better.”

If you haven’t already, be sure to order your Apple Watch today. We guarantee you won’t regret it!

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