Retail stores do not lack fitness accessories. Store shelves are full of Workout DVDs, workout equipment, etc. However, it all feels the same. The only thing that is different is the packaging. But every now and then, something unique hits the market. And this time, it was the Apple Watch.

The media has been talking a lot about the recent launch of the Apple Watch lately. And if you haven’t figured it out, this watch is for more than just telling time. The new Apple Watch, along with its various features, will also include a simple but very helpful Health and Fitness setting.

There are three settings for the Health and Fitness application, and they are:

  • Movement
  • Exercise
  • Standing Time

Research has shown people like simple things. So Apple is taking advantage of this data by only offering three simple settings.

Movement Setting:

The movement setting will begin empty. Once you buy your watch, you will start messing with the settings. At that time, you will set up your movement goal for the week. The Apple Watch will assist you in creating attainable goals. As you move throughout the week, your movement ring will begin to fill up.

Exercise Setting:

Although the Apple Watch includes a mode purely dedicated to working out, the exercise ring will work in any mode. Anytime you begin moving at a brisk pace or higher, your exercise ring will begin to fill up. Since 30 minutes is the universal recommendation for exercise per day, the exercise ring will close after 30 minutes of exercising.

Standing Setting:

The standing setting allows the watch to credit you when you have stood or walked around. If you sit around and do nothing for about an hour, the watch will alert you and encourage you to walk around a little bit. If you stand up for one minute every hour for 12 hours, you will fill up the standing ring.

Workout Mode:

The Apple Watch also includes a workout mode. The purpose of this mode is to encourage you, while at the same time provide you with accurate monitoring during and after your workout. The watch will:

  • Suggest goals to set throughout the week
  • Provide accurate and useful updates throughout your workout
  • Give a complete summary of your workout upon its conclusion

Extra Features of the Apple Watch:

  • GPS
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • A Heart Rate Sensor
  • An Accelerometer

The Apple Watch has already proven to assist and motivate people to get into shape. Many of our jobs require we sit for extended periods of time, but the Apple Watch is providing us with a wrist pal to inspire us to exercise.

Although the Apple Watch has only recently launched, it has become quite popular. Many people are calling it the best smartwatch on the market. And by the end of 2015, experts are predicting Apple will own the majority of the smartwatch industry. So if you haven’t already, be sure to order your copy of the Apple Watch.

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