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Watch Band is a fun and deceivingly powerful new app for the Apple Watch.  In many ways it’s like having access to a mini GarageBand on your wrist.
The iPhone side of the app has an assortment of presets and layouts for you to choose from.  You can also make your own and stack 10 drum-kits next to each other if that’s your fancy.  The instrument pages provide options for guitar chords, a small drum kit, some loops you can turn on and off and a mini piano that scrolls up and down the keyboard.

All of these instruments are accessible from the iPhone as well as the watch…but it’s on the watch that’s it’s really fun.  Tapping out little rhythms or chord progressions is a hoot.  The instrument choices are perhaps a bit narrow to start but it looks like they are going to be expanded in upcoming updates.
watch-band-4 watch-band-3
From a powerful standpoint, Watch Band is also a full wireless MIDI controller.   A musician in the studio could feasibly start and stop recording a program like Pro Tools running on a Desktop in the other room just by tapping their wrist.  The app provides different layouts like buttons, pads and mini mixers that are quite easily accessed from the watch.  Once it’s all connected it can control any MIDI application out there.  Neat!
Overall Watch Band is a fun toy and a powerful tool all at once.  It’s a cool way to show off some of the “not so watch-y” things the Apple Watch can do and promises to be a great new addition to a musician’s arsenal as well.
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