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Watch Band App for Apple Watch Review, Free Promo code Giveaway [Update]

Update: Competition have now ended. Thanks for taking part. We will be sending out the promocodes to our winners soon. If you weren’t lucky this time don’t worry we will have more competition soon.
Watch Band is a fun and deceivingly powerful new app for the Apple Watch.  In many ways it’s like having access to a mini GarageBand on your wrist.
The iPhone side of the app has an assortment of presets and layouts for you to choose from.  You can also make your own and stack 10 drum-kits next to each other if that’s your fancy.  The instrument pages provide options for guitar chords, a small drum kit, some loops you can turn on and off and a mini piano that scrolls up and down the keyboard.

Introducing Watch Band App for Apple Watch

A fun and exciting new app for the Apple Watch that puts a entire rock band on your wrist.    Choose from an assortment of instruments like guitars, drums, loops…even an 88 key piano!  Get your wrist Rockin’!

watch-band watch-band-2


Watch Band turns the Apple Watch into an amazing new musical instrument that users will love once they try it.  High quality samples are included to keep everything sounding great.

Play Trivia Crack Anytime on Apple Watch

Trivia Crack is an award-winning, highly addicting trivia game app that lets people test their knowledge and challenge friends as well as strangers to see who is the smartest.  With over 150 million users worldwide, Apple Watch owners will find that the game offers a fun, colorful way to play, featuring an easy to master interface that will let them dive right in.

Users will be able to play Trivia Crack games with friends directly from the watch, as questions will appear on the watch’s screen and users will be able to answer them without ever needing to look at their phone. Once opponents answers their question, players will receive a notification on the Apple Watch to continue the game. The categories include science, entertainment, art, geography, sports and history and each category has a corresponding character and answers are timed. The person who gets all six characters wins the game.

Trivia Crack will be available on the three watch models: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition.

Eight countries where buying an Apple Watch will come cheaper than in UK Americans to get must have gadget for £110 less than Britons

Details on the Apple Watch have landed and thrifty buyers from the UK will be calculating the best way to purchase the new gadget after international prices revealed they could make significant savings by purchasing abroad.

The coveted gadget can be bought cheaper than its full UK price in all eight of the other countries where it will be launched.

Apple Watch Online Order Delivery Time Extends to June

If you’re in the the UK and wishing to get your hands on the Apple Watch, you might have to wait that little bit longer if you decide to pre-order. The delivery time for online orders have now been extended and you will have to wait until June for it to be delivered (at the time of writing this article). Believe it or not, even the gold Apple Watch edition is available for delivery in June. Does this mean it’s selling

Pharrell Williams Shows off the Apple Watch He Got Before You Did

Pharrell Williams the undoubtedly huge music star have got his hands on an Apple Watch and he has made his feelings known through instagram. A video by the musician was uploaded to his instagram account with him saying ‘Whoa’ in a very unusual and slightly annoying way. The video is below.

The Apple Watch Gold Edition, Is This The One you’ll Purchase

The Apple Watch pre-order is set to start on 10th April. If you have £8000 laying around then you can spend it on the Gold Edition. Apple has put a lot of effort in trying to get the gold version noticed. But honestly, there isn’t much customers that will be able to afford to spend thousands on a watch. Unless your’e a footballer of course. One way to get customers notice is by making a video just for the Apple Gold Edition:

Apple Watch ‘Guided Tours’ Everything you need to Know about the Apple Watch

Apple have recently release what they call the ‘Guided Tours’ section to their Apple Watch website; a selection of videos teaching potential customers all they need to know about the Apple Watch. These are walk-through videos which will teach customers how to take advantage of the new technology.

There are 11 videos on the site but at the time of writing this article, there are only four of the videos titled: Welcome, Messages, Faces and Digital Touch. The other remaining videos are showing “Coming soon”. Once Apple load the remaining videos, users will be able to get guided tours showing them how to use Maps, Apple pay, Siri, Activity and more. The videos should help users feel a bit more relax of what the Apple Watch can do.

The Apple Watch pre-orders is set to begin on April 10th, with the launch on 24th April.

Check out the available videos below:

Mockup Chart Showing the Apple Watch Sport with Stainless Steel Bands

So if you ever wondered what the Apple Watch sport might look like with stainless steel bands then ponder no more. Zduhac a reddit user have put together a mockup chart showing Apple Watch sport paired with bands made to work with the stainless steel Apple Watch.

Click to enlarge: