It’s been announced, the Apple Watch will be available for Pre-order from April 10th 2015 and I for one is are very excited. Even more excited because there will be a large number of apps that will be available on the day of launch to download to the Apple Watch. We will actually have something to do. Check below for a list of few of the app that will be available on launch: 

The more you wear Apple Watch, the more you’ll realize just how personal a device it is. Because with so many different apps available, you can choose the ones that are most relevant to you, and create a customized experience. There are already apps for airlines, department stores, social networks, and more that take advantage of the unique opportunities the wrist brings. And with new apps being built for Apple Watch every day, this is just the beginning.




SPG Starwood Hotels and Resorts


American Airlines


Nike+ Running





bmw-iremote        twitter-watch

citymapper-watch        mint-finance-watch

espn-watch        amplifi-watch

boxpop-watch        commitTo3-watch

darksky-watch        shazam-watch


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