It’s only been a week since Pebble introduce the Pebble Time watch. Now they have introduce a high-end Time steel model. The Steel supports two watch straps, one made of leather and another of stainless steel. The Time Steel have a 10 days battery life compare to the standard Pebble Time model. The Pebble Steel will be available in three metallic finishes; black, silver and gold.

The Pebble Steel features will be the same as the Pebble Time. The new interchangeable strap system actually opens the door for hardware developers to take advantage of the Pebble smartstrap. Developers can create watch straps with extra battery life, GPS or even sensors for heart rate monitoring.

The Pebble Steel is priced at $299, that’s $100 less than the regular model that will cost $199. The Steel is set to ship in July 2015. You are able to pre-order on Kickstarter at a discount price $250.



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