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The Apple Watch Parody Commercial, Funny Video

We here at AppWatchWear love a little bit of laughter. With all the serious things going on in the world, a bit of humour and fun is paramount. Youtuber qbanguy have put together an Apple Watch Parody commercial. It’s very funny. Check it out below:

Poll: Are you Buying An Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is soon to be release. Some people are still a bit skeptic. The price, the look and even the battery life are still on people’s mind. We want to know more. Are you thinking of getting an Apple Watch or you don’t care for such things. Answer our poll below to let us have an idea.

A Few Apple Watch Hands-On Videos We Have Found

We have taken our time and checked around on the web for a few hands-on videos of the Apple Watch. It’s great because you are able to get an idea of what the watch will look like and how it will work. Check them out below:

A List of Some of the Apple Watch Apps you will be able to download on Launch Day

It’s been announced, the Apple Watch will be available for Pre-order from April 10th 2015 and I for one is are very excited. Even more excited because there will be a large number of apps that will be available on the day of launch to download to the Apple Watch. We will actually have something to do. Check below for a list of few of the app that will be available on launch: 

Are Casino Apps for Smartwatches the Future of Mobile Gambling?

2015 will likely be remembered as the year the smartwatch finally went mainstream. Although companies like Samsung and Sony have had smartwatches on the market for a few years now, the release of the much-anticipated Apple Watch has taken the concept mainstream.

Apple Watch Models and Pricing

Apple has made the announcement that we all have been waiting for. The Apple Watch will be available for pre-order in April. The prices however are not what anyone expects. I’m going to say they are expensive. The price ranges from £299 up to £13,500. The list of all the models and the pricing are available.

Apple Watch and The Competition

It seems to be the year of smart watch. A ton of new watches seems to be hitting the stores. Apple Watch might be the one to blame for all the excitement surrounding smart watches at the moment. Due to release in April 2015 the Apple Watch will have it’s fair share of competition. Check out what the Apple Watch will be up against below:

Pebble Announces Time Steel Interchangeable Leather and Stainless Steel Bands

It’s only been a week since Pebble introduce the Pebble Time watch. Now they have introduce a high-end Time steel model. The Steel supports two watch straps, one made of leather and another of stainless steel. The Time Steel have a 10 days battery life compare to the standard Pebble Time model. The Pebble Steel will be available in three metallic finishes; black, silver and gold.

The Pebble Steel features will be the same as the Pebble Time. The new interchangeable strap system actually opens the door for hardware developers to take advantage of the Pebble smartstrap. Developers can create watch straps with extra battery life, GPS or even sensors for heart rate monitoring.

Apple Watch Initial Launch Will Not be Limited to US According to Tim Cook

Tim Cook, who is touring Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Israel, apparently told managers during his visit to the Apple Store in Berlin, that the wrist-worn device will launch in Germany during the month of April. This is good news and mean that the initial launch of the Apple Watch won’t be limited to US. Usually customers in Europe would have to wait a month or two after devices have been launch in the US, not anymore (at least not with the Apple Watch).

Sources also indicate that an April launch in Australia is highly likely.