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Poll: How Much Do You Think The Samsung Gear S3 Will Cost?

The Samsung Gear S3 have been announced and is due to be release worldwide in the fall. However there are no report of how much it will cost. We have put together a poll to get people opinion on what they think the Smartwatch will cost. Let us know by answering our poll below:

Samsung Unveils New Gear S3 Smartwatch

Well it’s really not a massive surprised to many. But for those who aren’t aware, Samsung have announces a brand new smartwatch, the Gear S3. There are no announcement of price, only that the watch will be available in the US and worldwide in the fall. The watch will be available in two styles, the Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Classic. Both watches will have near enough the same features. Like the Samsung Gears S2 the S3 will be water resistant down to 5 feet of water for roughly 30 minutes. Another feature will be the dust resistant.

5 Good Reasons to Buy an Advanced Fitness Tracker

Earlier fitness trackers focused only on collecting and measuring health data. However, the world of wearables is gradually becoming less quondam. Fitness trackers now show your smartphone notifications to your wrist, allowing you to keep your mobile phone in your pocket. Now if you want to be in the loop all the time, you may consider the smart wrist band or fitness band that both monitors your health and supports smartphone notifications. 

5 Best Smart Watches in 2016

There has been massive advancement in the hi-tech world since the past few decades. Specifically speaking, technology has opened up the possibilities to transform the common regular wrist watch into a device that is proficient in doing so much more than just telling time.

The Smart Watch is the gadget that is smashing the world of technology and marketing with the increasing functions and efficient performance. However, there are multiple companies that have taken up the platform to make the best Smart Watch. The best Smart Watches are the following:

Finally, A Car Charger that Charges Both Apple Watch and iPhone

Until this point there really isn’t a practical way to charge your Apple Watch on the go. That’s unless you want to walk around with the extra long cord that comes with your Apple Watch.

Now you can charge both the Apple Watch and iPhone simultaneously with the Oittm 2-in-1 Apple Watch Car Charger. The Oittm charges the Apple Watch and iPhone effectively. The charger is reliable, safe and charges fast. Oittm’s charger is not Apple MFi Certified, meaning it is not officially licensed by Apple but it still good and safe to use.

Smartwatch Standoff: Comparison Between Apple Watch and Pebble Classic

The Pebble Classic have been around a little longer than Apple Watch and have won the hearts of a lot. Since Apple released their watch it’s actually taken over the market and no other smartwatch can compare. We however still want to see how the Pebble watch stands up to their main rival the Apple Watch Sport. There are several Pebble models to choose from but we have kept our focus on the Pebble Classic to compare. Some will say it’s not a fair fight but to be honest the Pebble watch can hold it’s ground. Check out the comparison table below:

Mobile Appeal: Why iGaming and Mobiles Make Sense

The mobile gaming sphere is now a multifaceted beast where people of all persuasions can swipe, tap and even walk their way to an entertaining time. In fact, such is the popularity of mobile gaming that it currently takes 85% of all app revenue and is worth a staggering £26 billion.

Instagram Users and Their Apple Watch

We have found that instagram users love their Apple Watch and they do their best to show them off. We have gathered a few from the site that shows the Apple Watch in all it’s photographic glory. See them below:

These Apple Watch Apps Can Help you Get Around

Finding your way around in any city can be a daunting experience, especially if you are a visitor. I live in London and if I go to Edinburgh in Scotland I get lost. No one is a human map and it’s impossible to know every single road in your city. This is the reason why you need something to point you into the right direction. We have listed below some apps for your Apple Watch that will save you from walking down a dark lonely alley.

Voucher Deals on the go With These Apps on your Apple Watch

Lets be honest, we all love a bargain. A chance to get something at a discounted price or even free is hard to pass up. We have dug out a few apps for your Apple Watch that offers voucher deals and savings at restaurants, supermarkets and high street shop. These will be great to save you money so you can spend it else where. See below:

Get a Free Sport Band For your Apple Watch – Giveaway

This is our first ever giveaway and we are really excited. There will be many more to come but this time around we are giving away an original 42mm Black Sport Band for Apple Watch. The strap is L/XL meaning it will fit wrists size of 160-245mm. If you own an Apple Watch and fancy a change around with your strap then this is the competition for you. These straps currently retail for £39 but this is your chance to get one free. Here’s how to enter:

Control your Nest Thermostat from your Apple Watch With These Apps

The Nest products are great gadgets to own and keep your home safe. There are indoor and outdoor cameras, smoke alarms and thermostats. The technology is amazing and allows you to control your Nest product from your every day devices. Today I want to focus on the apps available that allows you to control the Nest thermostat from your Apple Watch. The Nest thermostat is on it’s 3rd generation and retails for around $249. You can adjust the