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Pre-Order The Blocks Modular Smartwatch

With modules that make up the strap and each with their own function, it will be silly if you wouldn’t be half interested in what the Blocks Modular Smartwatch has to offer. Dubbed the ‘world’s first modular smartwatch’ it’s certainly got a lot of people (including myself) interested. If you have been waiting for the watch to be available then wait no more. You can now pre-order it for $330.

Get the News on your Apple Watch With These Apps

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t read the news. Sometimes you might just want to see a quick snippet of what’s going on in the world. Or maybe you’re on a pack commuter train and cannot reach into your pocket to get your iPhone. Don’t worry, there are apps available that allows you to read the news from your iWatch. We have put together a few of the best ones we where able to find. Check them out below:

How to choose between a Timex Watches for men and Titan Watches for Women?

If you are on the lookout for a watch, have a look what Titan and Timex watches has in the offering. From dress watches to sport timepieces, these watches has it all. With multiple options, judging the correct time piece for lifestyle can be overpowering. They have glossy designs in the women’s watch and the men’s watch styles. A customer who understands luxury design may choose quartz or other many dress watch styles for women and men customers which these two companies produce. In order to make shopping much easier, find below some helpful clues to ponder while picking aTitan or a Timex watch.

Xiaomi’s Latest MI Band 2: Too Hard to Resist

There is good news for all the fitness enthusiasts across the globe as Xiaomi launched its new MI band 2 that operates on the Android-based MIUI. Even though it is a fitness tracker, it is a kind of smartwatch with the perfect blend of fitness activity tracking capabilities.

MI Band 2 is an extension of its previously marketed product MI band. However, this new version has some significant features than its previous models MI Band and MI Band Pulse. 

Apple Watch Game: The World’s Most Eggstravagant Pet Game, Egg

The Apple watch is great to have when you’re in those meetings and bored. There are time that you just want to go but just can’t. Why not just stick your hand under the table and get playing with, Egg. The best pet game I could find for the Apple Watch. Hatch over 70 creatures and enjoy mini games. Check the official trailer below:

All About The OS X El Capitan

Have you recently purchased a new Apple computer and have been struggling with its operating system? Or have you recently upgraded to the new OS on your outdated Apple computer? Not to worry! The experts are here. In this article, we will discuss all the common problems of the OS X El Capitan system which is the latest operating system in the Apple computers. We’ve gathered all the complaints in various forums and Apple websites so that you no longer need to do any research. This article is all you’ll need so sit back, read on and let’s get that Apple computer fixed.

6 Handy Tips to Ensure That your Mobile App’s UI is Engaging

Did you know that on an average, a user interacts with his smartphone around 150 times a day? That is a staggering number and this time is mostly spent on various mobile apps! Businesses had to have an online presence to ensure sustenance a few years back and now for sustenance and increased revenue, businesses need to be available on the mobile market. With our extensive experience in mobile app development, we have compiled a few effective tips to help you come up with an UI/UX design that is not only engaging but also compelling; read on to learn more.